New writer on the block!

(I really should make a database of caption writers and make a tab for it. Until then…)

We have a new caption writer in our midst. His name is curiousjosh6611 and his writing tag is here. Josh’s Tumblr is kind of unique. He not only posts original pictures of his sexy nude self and reblogs naked guys and gay gifs; he also posts both free writing and stories to captions. Lot of diversity there. There isn’t much writing at the moment, but all of it so far falls under the jock and locker room kink. He asked me to look over his material and give him a bump. When I started, captionstojerkby gave me a boost so I’m just passing on the karma.

That said, Josh, – your writing is pretty good! The grammar and spelling is pretty sturdy, the plots are somewhat believable, and the sex scenes are hot as hell. Uniquely explicit for a male writer, yes, but that is absolutely not a bad thing.
On the flip side, some of your paragraphs are too long though and need to be broken up. Also, some readers – me in particular – find hucking up spit on a guy’s ass as lube is kind of a turn off. It’s in a lot of porn though, I don’t know why. Gay sex requires a lot of lube, so good believable sex means proper lubrication. 

If you want a bigger reader fanbase, you should update your blog more consistently. You got a good start, run with it. Also please put a disclaimer on your blog somewhere that your writing is fictional. Seriously, all it takes is one post…ugh I learned that the hard way.

Welcome to Tumblr, josh. Maybe the dicks on your dash be plentiful. You’ll get fans in no time.


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