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I could have let him walk around out of chastity, just loose in his underwear, but it’s problematic when his sex drive is allowed to run free. His urges have no predictable schedule and he can’t seem to wish them into existence, they seem to come and go at random. I can’t coax him into fooling around, the engine just won’t start. He isn’t able to get into the mood on his own terms and he hates it. I can see it in his eyes when he comes for me, that sort of wistful sheepishness when he wants my cock but he’s worried he’s bothering me. Half the time we fool around, it’s mechanical rather than tempestuous emotions. I wanted sparks.

So I put him into a chastity cage, and now he’s horny all the time. It’s like having a computer that has trouble booting up so you just leave it on all the time. Sometimes the machine hibernates and sometimes it runs hot. Now I can come to him as well as he can come to me. And when he comes to me, it’s because he thinks I’ll be up for sex too, not just because he’s horny randomly and we should take care of it that moment.

It’s a bit difficult to explain to people why we practice this kink, and they likely wouldn’t even understand. The results have been wonderful though. I get my hands on his cute butt a million more times now because of that little bit of metal. I love feeling it press into my crotch when he’s on top of me.

Plus, the guilt is gone when I want to say “no” to his offer of sex – cause I’m busy or have to go, for example. Now, when I say “no” it only adds to our foreplay because often he’s usually heavy and full and I’m just delaying the relief he needs. Also, I’ve started noticing that he’s asking more, but often asking in situations where he’s sure I’ll say “no”. And often, he smiles. That little rascal, I think he gets off on it.

Text is fictional. Source unknown but I’m almost sure it’s from a porno.


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