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I was exploring the barn when I saw him. I froze in my tracks and gawked at the gorgeous cowboy reclining against a fence.

“So you’re the new cocksucker?”
What?” I stammer, my jaw dropping. How did he know about that! I had sucked one cock at a bar a mere hour ago.
He smirks. His dark piercing gaze has me pinned in place. “Word travels fast in a small town. We may be old fashioned but we know how to appreciate a good male cock sucker around here. Especially since our last one was claimed by a bullrider from Oklahoma. Been without for a while now. I was sure pleased to hear you’d be workin’ at this here horse ranch.”

“Um,” I stammer. His lush, velvety voice with that slow-as-molasses drawl is very distracting, both upstairs and downstairs.
“You like suckin cock boy?” he asks.
“Yes,” I admit, scratching the back of my neck. ‘Yes’ is an understatement. The headspace I go to when I’m on my knees nursing their erections is my drug.

“Good. Now go pack the bag I left on your bed. No shorts, bring a sweater for night. I gotta go spend three days inspecting the perimeter of the property, checkin’ fences and all. Mighty lonely work.”
“And this is the company you want?”
“You bet your ass I do. Now, go pack. I saddled up a mare for you. Eleanor and I will wait.”

My gaze drifts from ogling his sculpted torso to the beautiful horse by his side – pure silk and muscle. Three days of riding through the brush, stripping nude and enjoying hedonistic pleasures at night? I swallow, and give a polite nod before running off to go pack. I’ll get his name later.

Text is fictional. The model’s name is Alex and this was shot for Portal Gay de Barcelona. More pictures here.


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