You are a shame to us, the gay people. If there was a gay agenda, it would look and smell (stink) like you. I hope you are kicked out from our Solar System.

Ok? I mean I’m not sure what you hoped to gain by writing this. I’m guessing this in response to the Dear Mom and Dad cats-boys picture thing, but I mean, you’re the only who is really this angry and I’m not even sure why. ElyEl forgave me for the confusion.

Also, I checked your blog myself. I think you reblogged El y El’s blog and didn’t really do any further research behind the mess and drew your own conclusions. You also write this: “This is why I don’t get along with the gay community being gay myself. I don’t think there is a “gay agenda”, but I know very well the kind of made up information and “stories” they usualy spread around to create awarness against homophobia. But I am sorry, that’s not the way we should fight homophobia. Homophobics are out there, and we just need to face them with the truth and not with bullshit that makes us look as conspiranoid liars with an agenda.”

Wait wait wait hold on – do you think there’s an actual real “gay agenda”? And that it involves gay people creating fictitious homophobia to… increase awareness against homophobia? As in gay people are making homophobic propaganda just so people will speak up against it and it’ll go viral?

Ok ok, you caught me. As a key ghost writer of the 2014 Pro-Homophobia for Viral Gay Acceptance Gay Agenda, I must congratulate you on outing me. I thought I had succeeded by infiltrating Tumblr. I don’t really live in LA, our PR room is in a bunker deep in Fucking, Austria. It is crucial I complete my mission though, to write stories of gay people having a hard time just so people can feel good about themselves by reblogging it and decrying it! Actually, I suck at my job. Most I what I do all day is browse Reddit and write gay chastity and spanking stories. Please don’t tell my boss.


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