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This slave isn’t scared of milking machines, getting the strap, e-stim devices, long chastity, or serving 10 men at once… but at any utterance of the word “dentist”, all his training gets defenestrated and he’s pulling on his leash to stay in the house. His Master couldn’t just let his slave have bad teeth, so he came up with a creative solution.

The slave is bound to a metal support rail so he can safely sedated. A spider gag is put into place, as well as a chastity cage. Once the tranquilizer has kicked in, then the slave is transferred to the dentist’s office in a crate in his master’s car. Long after most of the staff have gone home, the dentist lets them in through the back. The slave is then bound to the exam room chair like this, naked and gagged, because it’s the only way Dr. Singh can finally get in there and clean those teeth.

Any cavities will be seen as negligence of his Master’s property and will result in a spanking for the slave, but usually the boy keeps up with flossing and brushing. All that fighting and planning is usually for nothing but a mere cleaning!

Text is fictional. Picture obviously comes from the infamous


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