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Jet smiled at the familiar voice on the other end of the phone. “Hey Chris, nice to hear from you again – is everything alright?” Despite their failed attempt at a relationship, Jet considered Chris to be a friend, albeit a distant one.
“I um… shit, I feel like such an idiot calling you. Am I bothering you?”
“No, just at home, organizing my bookshelf. It’s pouring out, so I’m just chilling here on my day off. What’s up?”
There was a pause. “I just…shit this is so dumb. You said to call me if I ever needed anything. You still mean that?”
Jet furrowed his brow, curiosity eating him up. “Yeah of course. …Are you in jail?”
Chris made a noise. “What? No no, it’s nothing like that. It’s …well, when we broke up, I was not in a good place. I hated myself and convinced myself I needed to push you away. You know how I was, when I was horny I’d put out, then freak out the next morning over what I did – over and over again, let it eat me up inside?”

Jet sighed. He didn’t want to open this wound, really. Chris had explained it far too mildly for his taste. Chris was an insatiable cockslut when the testosterone was pumping and poppers were plentiful; but sober and sane, the guilt, disgust, and Catholic self-loathing over his preference of sex and eagerness to bottom put him in a horrible, rotten mood and spoiled his personality. He’d put Jet through the wringer, leading him on, then shutting him off. “How could I not?” Jet said. “It’s all we fought about for the last weeks of our relationship.”

Chris sighed back. He sat down on the bed and the springs creaked. “I just…you know, I’ve been thinking I owe you an apology. I’ve been thinking a lot. I drank a lot you left – too much actually, and woke up after having blacked out in a church. Our priest got me some help, a great therapist who specializes in LGBT lifestyles… I’m coming to terms with things, Jet, I really am.”
Jet was so stunned, he almost forgot he had to answer the man. “I um. Wow, damn, Chris. That’s amazing to hear. Not expecting it, to be honest, but happy you’re making progress. But if this is a call to get back together I don’t think I’m really ready to try another relationship with y-”

“No, no Jet, listen. I’ve been with some other guys, having some one night stands-”
Jet hated the surge of jealously that shot through him.
“-and none of them have given me such thorough orgasms the way you did. I’ve tried so many techniques, but I just can’t get that empty feeling afterwards like when we had sex!” His voice twisted with frustration. “I’ve tried everything and even though I jack off a lot, I still feel so pent up! I-…I’m calling to ask you to fuck me, Jet, that’s it, please. Just one good thorough fucking, to get it all out.”
“Jesus, Chris, you called cause you need cock? You baited me with pretty words and apologies so I’d fuck you?” Jet was now completely ignoring the books around him. “And then what? You’re going to just dismiss me?”

Chris huffed. “Look, I’ve had other guys since you, as I’ve said, some with poppers, some with out. You…you have this insane technique. Sex with you was a totally intense and powerful experience. I was addicted to it, but I wasn’t ready to handle it at all. You’re on a totally ‘nother level than other men. You’re the kind of sex that a man comes home to for the rest of his life. You’re not a club fuck. That’s why we were so incompatible. I wasn’t ready for that kind of sex, emotionally, but I was addicted. I pushed you away because it just left me reeling. I thought I could get it from others but, shit, I’ve had the taste though and nothing compares. Please Jet – my balls, they’re aching man, milk me dry, please.”

Jet sat there with his jaw on the floor. This wasn’t the same Chris he’d left behind ten months ago. He didn’t know what to say. It was mean to tempt him like this. Chris’s ass fit around his cock like it was born for it. Jet’s cock was curved, but Chris was a perfect fit, and the way he grabbed onto him… as much as he resented him, Chris was the only partner he’d had that made him see stars.

After a long silence on Jet’s part, Chris added, “If…you need some commitment, but only want to go half way, maybe we could be fuck buddies, at least. No strings attached, so if you hate me still, you don’t have to stay. You could probably even spank me if you want. I know I deserve it.”

Jet liked that idea more than he would admit it. He wanted to spank him impaled on his cock, and god he did deserve it. “Fuck. Just fuck you man, calling me like this, manipulating me, dangling your body as bait. Get the hell over here. Bring the condoms and the lube, cause you aren’t using any of mine.”
Chris gasped, “Alright! Shit, thanks man. I’m coming right now.”

It was like a day hadn’t past since Chris left. He was still handsome and young, sporting a goofy grin and the scar above his eyebrow from a childhood bike accident. Jet tore his clothes off and pushed him onto the sofa, getting that big ass of his in the air.

No one could fuck Chris like Jet did. Only Jet could give him that incredible, slow steady rhythm, each inward thrust nudging against his prostate. It made him drip like crazy. All the pent up energy, frustration from imperfect fucks, it all dissolved like butter on a skillet. Jet cleared him out. He filled him wall to wall and fucked him hard.

Chris reached between his legs to milk himself, and the pre-cum poured out of his body. He moaned and keened over how goddamn great it felt to be fucked by this god of a man. Chris’s dick got so slippery, he could barely hang onto it. When the orgasm finally crested, he shot a triple XL load all over the bed while screaming Jet’s name into the pillow. His balls burned from the effort, his cock spasming and twitching to empty every single tiny seed. On top of him, Jet couldn’t get a word out of his throat, just animalistic grunts and cries as he bred his man hard. He suddenly knew why the break-up had been harder than any other in his life – Chris was his bitch, his mate. His other half. Maybe now Chris had fucking realize it, and just maybe they could try again…

but he would get all the sex he could out of the man before he told him that. He wouldn’t let Chris win that easily.

Text is fictional. The gif was made by fagsmut, but the source for it isn’t them, so I don’t know who these men are. Lemme know if you know, I wanna see the video.


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