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I texted him first: Hey – did you mean what you said on the profile? ‘Dinner and a Dominant Man wanted?’
Andre: Hells yes I did 😉 Sooo sick of cafeteria food here at the dorms. I miss home cooked food, and I need a hard fucking to get all this tension out of my muscles from studying for mid-terms. If you bring me food, I’ll put out for you all night long!

I stared at the response. Either sluts are getting younger and bolder or he was an extremely clever whore who had snuck into a college dorm. I pondered this.
Me: Well, I can take control in the bedroom if you want. But if you’re really a student at Rojo U, then send school ID and driver’s license so I know you’re not jailbait.
Andre: Mmm if I do, what are you gonna make me for dinner? I saw ur profile pic, you’re damn delicious looking on your own but a boy has to eat.
I actually scoffed. I wonder how often this worked for him. Me: Well, I hunt in the winter, so I got venison steak, I can make a mushroom risotto, and maybe a rainbow chard/baby green salad with raspberry vinaigrette?

The response came within minutes.
Andre: O.M.G. I am absolutely drooling, that sounds so fucking good. I can be dessert ;). Here are my IDs babe. Last name edited out, but u can see my birthday and my school! Rojo pride!
I opened the images. He was a cutie, and legal indeed at 20. Still 9 years my junior but hey, if the way into his pants was through his stomach I might just be game.
Me: Thanks for sending that over fast. Yep, you’re def who you say you are. But… I’m 29, I’m not sure I should still be sleeping with college boys. Probably should be with real men my age. What do you think? I was playing him, yes, but I had a feeling he’d know it and love it.
I wasn’t expecting another text image of the brunet posing in a public dorm bathroom with a proud boner jutting out from plump balls at a 45 degree angle. He had flat, rippled abs and a defined iliac crest – my weakness. My cock began to rise the longer I stared at that photo. I could split him in half and make his whole floor hear him being rammed. Or, he could spend the night here. I had a feeling he’d love it either way.

Andre sent a text to go with it: You want this? 😉
My cock took over for me: Fuck yeah I do. You want a dominant man? I will teach you what it’s like to be fucked by a man and not a boy. You want to feel a big cock sliding in and out of you, bringing you to  ecstasy, making you beg for more?
Andre: Fuck yeah I do, babe. When can you come over? I’m sitting in my dorm room playing with myself, so horny!
Me: I need time to make the meal, defrost the steak. Come over tomorrow night ok? I’ll bring condoms.
Andre: Tomorrow?? But I’m horny now! :((

I raised an eyebrow. Goodness, how long has it been since he’d had a dick?
Me: I know slutty boys always have a favorite toy. Why don’t you play with it and send me some pictures.
Andre: Grrr so horny! Fine, I’ll do that – but you better be amazing! 
I text him back a photo of my own engorged cock with my fist around it to show off its size. Me: Be good, you’ll get this after dinner.
Andre: Madre de dios
I had to laugh. He was so silly, a twinky little college boy and a big nelly bottom. He sent me some sexy, shameless photos of him naked and fucking himself with an impressive dildo; I enjoyed jacking off to them.

The next day I tidied the house and whipped up a good meal. After Andre came over, we wasted no time giving eachother hand jobs and kissing in the kitchen. He was so small compared to me, and the way my large hands looked roaming over his genitals drove me absolutely wild. It was a struggle to break away from his sweet mouth for dinner.

We somehow managed to eat like civil people. We even managed small talk and kept clothes on from the salad to coffee. When the last dish went into the dishwasher though, I looked up and saw the way Andre was looking at me. That’s when I knew I’d fed the machine of lust in him and given him plenty of energy to burn on his back, legs in the air, bent over furniture, anyway I could do him. And trust me, I fucked his brains out in nearly every room in my house, including the shower. Boy simply could not get enough of my meat in his ass, even when he ran out of cum. Around 3 am, I tucked an exhausted, wobbly legged twink with a stretched hole into bed and cuddled up next to him.

I woke up to him humping me at 8 am and begging for permission to ride me. I began to wonder if he’d taken a drug, but he claimed he hadn’t. He said he was just…pent up. Well, I couldn’t say no. I let him ride me until his toes curled and he came all over my chest.

Andre never really left. He goes to school still, handles the chores, and puts out in exchange for a discount in rent. I’m the cook and the provider of cock, and he is happy as a harlot can be. Might just be a temporary thing while he’s in school, but damn is it nice to have a slut around the house.

Text is fictional. Source is here, but that’s not the original source. The boy is Aiden Summers, twink extraordinaire of Helix Studios.


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