The Boys & Cat post is back from the dead?

So last year, I think in November, I learned a very important lesson about disclaimers when this post of mine ( went semi-viral on Tumblr because people believed the caption to be real. I spent hours doing damage control, adding disclaimers to the photo, messaging people who had reblogged it to tell them it was fictional, etc. This is the reason why all my captions say “Text is fictional” or some version on it.

However, the last few days I’ve been seeing an uptick in people liking that post again. My follower numbers have also been jumping, which is curious. Aaand I’m getting messages now from people thinking I’m the boys in the post.

So – I just want to be clear. I am on my knees begging for you guys to understands because I cannot apologize anymore than I have already. The post involving the boy and the cat is FICTIONAL. It is NOT REAL. This is a caption blog. All posts are fictional. They’re writing exercises, vignettes into the lives of characters I create and dispose of instantly. I started this blog to test the waters on writing erotica professionally, but I ended up loving writing captions so much, I update near daily. Or I try to anyway.

The boys in the post share a Tumblr account – elyel – and their names are Ariel and Pablo. They have been together over five years and are adorable as hell.