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“I don’t give a fuck what you want. Do you understand me? I’m going to fuck you and you aren’t gonna scream you little bitch, cause I don’t need that hassle.”
“Y-Yes sir.”
“Now, are you going to be good and stay still for me?”
“Yes sir.”
“Are you going to fight me?”
“No sir.”
“Now that’s better. See? Putting up a fight is sure pointless. Now let me get my dick in you.” He pulls a travel packet of lube out of his sock, rips it open with his teeth, and pours it down the crack of my ass while simultaneously holding both my wrists behind my back. He coats his cock in the mess before wiping his hand on the sofa cover. Ignoring my protests, he throws his weight back over me and thrusts his rock hard dick into me. I scream at the intrusion, and plead for a condom.
“Nope, you’re lucky to be getting my seed up your ass, I want you to feel every hot drop coating your insides,” he replies, breathing whiskey flavored breath into my ear. He doesn’t let me adjust to his girth, he just continues to fuck me in abrupt thrusts, sometimes pulling out until the mushroom tip catches and then slamming it in hard.

I whimper and yelp, all while my dick throbs and drips while it bounces ignored between my legs. He has his way with me, fucking me to oblivion. He doesn’t slow down after he comes either, he simply pauses to chew on my ear and spank me before his cock stiffens and he begins to pound me again. By the time he ejaculates the second time, my ass is so stuffed full of his cum it’s dripping down my thighs. I grit my teeth as he reaches around and slaps my cock and balls a couple times until my own cum just jets out of me.

Finally, his muscles cramp and he has to dismount me. His slick cock slides out of me with a wet ‘pop’. Without saying a word, he walks out of the room, leaving me wet and sore and wrecked.

A couple minutes later he comes back into the room, wringing his hands a bit nervously, still red in the face from the effort. “How was that?”
“Holy god,” I moan, splayed out on the sofa, “Just how I imagined it to be – hotter even. It was such a rush to be used like that. Your dick was burning me up from the inside out. We have to do this again – next week, same time?”
“Fuck yeah I’d like to do that again. That power…” he puffs out his cheeks and exhales. “The way you writhed and pleaded under me, man, I’m glad I’m outta juice cause I’d be hard again.”
I smirk. “Lemme get you a beer and we can take a shower together.”
“Oooo shower beer, nice idea. Jeez, I’m so glad Marcus introduced us.”
“I’m grateful too – or should I say, my sex drive is grateful too. I’ve been wanting to try that kink for-ev-er.”
He gives my ass a jiggle as I pass by him to the kitchen and says, “You just gotta find yourself the right man to do the dirty work.”
“Mmm I think already did.”

Text is fictional. Remember – sex should always be consensual and and have safewords, even if you are roleplaying.


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