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my Master bought me a sounding kit a while back and it arrived today! i gave it a try for a few minutes before i drove to my parents house (it’s spring break and my roommate had just left). i have to say, i wasn’t expecting it to go in so easily and so deep! The last photo is to show how deep it went. Everything below my fingers was inside my drain. i actually had to stop it because if i let it go it just kept sliding in and i was afraid it would go all the way inside and that seemed a bit risky. It was really strange at first and it kinda burned a bit until i got used to it (which is normal, according to the internet). But once i got used to it it felt pretty enjoyable. Definitely something i’m glad we invested in. i should be ready for a cage with a urethral insert fairly soon. 🙂

Your Master seems so invested in you! You get to explore all the wonders of your body. Lucky boy <3


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