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It’s March!

I can’t believe it’s goddamn March. It’s my birthday month! Los Angeles nearly got washed away these last few days, we’ve been having insane amounts of wonderful, glorious rain. The city smells incredible.

Now for the fun stuff – the 21 best original content posts from February:

Shower Signals
Tormenting the Slave with His Master’s Masturbation
Photo Day for the Pup
Chaste Boy Shows Off His Status
Being Bred
Teaching a Frat Brother How To Fuck
Quick, No One is Looking!
Slave and the Amphora
Wake Up Slave, I Need to Rut
Police Line-Up
A Small Prayer In Thanks of Cute Balls
Chaste Waiter Needs a Milking
Horniness On the Ranch
Hard to Please
Savor The Cock, Savor it! Good Boy.
Training a Horny, Younger Bottom
Blackmail On the Roof
Deep in Heat, Deep Into HeadSpace, Deep Throating
Training a Faggot to Suck Cock

And you guys loved this one: Bottoms Amaze Me

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