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Aaron knows there are plenty of ways to worship the cock of a man who is of higher standing than he is… his hands, his mouth, his ass, for example, and he is talented in all three. Sometimes though it’s just delightful to take a pause and give it a long look, maybe gently stroking it as it grows harder and harder. Aaron often wonders how such a couple inches of flesh brainwashes him into being such a mindless slut, how it drives him crazy, makes him an addict for the rush of being powerless to another man. Each and every cock is unique, its taste and temperature and scent. No batteries, no screens, no engine, nothing complicated…just nature and evolution, and it is a gift to cherish every single day.

“…What is he doing down there? He’s got this glazed look on his face.”
“Aw, let me him be. I think he’s cute when he gets like this. He’s off in this zone.”
“…Wait, wait I know that look on your face…do you love him?”
“Yeah, yeah, I do. And he knows it.”
Text is fictional.


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