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“Am I old enough to fuck now, Daddy?”
I nearly dropped the basket of laundry I was holding. What was he doing in my bed? “Woaaah there, down boy. Where did you get a pair of shorts that small?”
“I bought them online. You said it was important for a boy to show off his assets. I’m ready Daddy, please, I want to screw like all your friends do with their boys. Mark told me his Daddy fucked him outside on a chaise lounge chair yesterday, outside.”
I rub my temples. He’s making this hard. “Boy, you’re still not ready yet, barely old enough, legally…”
“But I am! I’m ready! I want to know what it’s like, I’m sooo horny. When are you going to let me out of my chastity device? I’m ready! Measure me, Daddy you’ll see.”

I give him a look. When I weighed and measured his balls two days ago he wasn’t anywhere near full enough. I humor him though, because he’s frustrated and bored and is damn near irresistible. I get out the little scale and weigh his balls, then record it in my little notebook. With the measuring tape I get a number for how wide around they are. To my surprise… “How the hell have you made such a huge jump?”
He smirks at me, humping my pillow although it’s more to tease me than anything since his cock is all locked up. “I discovered one of my toys had an ‘on’ button.”
“How… you just noticed that?”
He looked a bit sheepish. “Just never really paid attention… but I’ve been playing with it a lot and now I’m all backed up.”

I put my notebook back in the drawer and give him a stare. I place my large hand on his ass cheek and slide my fingers down to between his legs. I cup him, and I can feel the heat even through the thin fabric. I suppress a groan. “You’re very close boy…I think in 48 hours you’ll be ready." 
"4..48 hours?” he cries. “No no now, Daddy now!”
I squeeze his balls in a vice like grip, “Do you want to get punished and have to have that device on another month?”
He gasps and mewls, wiggling in my grip, “N-n-no! No! I’ll be good and wait, but the pressure Daddy it’s so tight in there…”
I release him and sigh a deep, long breath. “You’ve waited this long, 48 more hours will only make it that much more sweeter.”

He pouts at me, knowing he won’t win this. He groans and curls up around the pillow as I put away the laundry. “I wanna be fucked on a chaise lounge,” he grumps.
I chuckle. “You’re so ornery. You’ll get that, one day. Trust me, doesn’t Daddy know what’s best?”
He gives me the cutest look, trying to be mad but failing, “Yes… yes you do.”
“Would you like to pet me for a little bit while I watch the news?”
His face lights up and he practically shoves the remote into my hand.

Text is fictional…story is set in Luxembourg where the age of consent is 16. I’m 99% sure this model is named Ugo and comes from a website called I’m sure I’m on an FBI watch list now for Googling that, although the website says “All boys in this site is over 18 y.o.”.


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