Best of January 2014

Wow, such late. In case some of you missed the posts, my boss at work is a jackass and I’m working an insane amount of hours to make up for his incompetence. I’m looking for a new job, you betcha. *flips a table*

Here were the top 15 original content posts from January:

New Year’s Fuck
Showering for Cash
A Quiet Moment Before the Collaring Ceremony
I Like Big Balls and I Cannot Lie
The Reason My Econ Homework is Not Getting Done
Calm Down, Boy, It’s Ok
Chaste Boys Playing in the Bath
Quint Misbehaves and Gets Locked in Punishment
Finally Getting to Jerk Travis
We Didn’t Make It Upstairs
I’m an Ass Man
Debauchery at the Rave
Submitting to Alpha Men at the Push of a Button
Move In With Me?
A Jiggle for Good Luck

Lastly, if you’re seeking the links to purchase my short story, Sticking the Landing, those can be found here.

We just broke 2400 readers last night, and we’re up to 1,315 posts. Thank you everyone for your readership and support. If you sent me a message recently, I will be getting back to you on that soon.

Links to previous best-of posts from last year can be found here.
My gay film recommendation post is here.
My master list of caption writers is here.


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