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“I can’t believe you sold him to Master Eaton!” I cried.
“Well, don’t blame me, his application was sitting on his desk and he wanted full price for that scrawny little welp. Full price!”
“You didn’t check Master Eaton’s record?”
“Well, his membership was reinstated in 2013, I thought that was good enough…”
I shook my head, wanting to smack him. “No you dolt, he’s under investigation by the police right now for abuse against his last slave. You don’t know what he does to boys – his reputation… you have to cancel the sale.”
“That sounds like a lot of heresay, if you ask me,” he folded his arms.
“Take a good look at Master Easton’s record, you’ll see, he’s going to destroy that boy! Do you really want to be responsible for that?”
I was pleased to see him hesitate. “I…I made the best decision with all the data available.”
“Oh come on, Master Kendrick. Work with me here. I found the welp a nice Master in New Hampshire, lives in the mountains on a beautiful property. They have horses, and there’s two other boys and a girl there. It’s a much better place for him… he’ll grow into a man in service there.”

We both heard a popping sound and looked over at the boy.
“Where did he get gum…?” Master Kendrick wondered.
He chewed the gum and sighed dramatically, “When are we going to play? I’m bored.”

Master Kendrick looks at me. “See, Master Eaton would straighten that attitude out.”
“Yeah and murder him in the process!” I insisted.
“He hasn’t murdered anyone!”

Another pop. We both look at the boy expectantly. He raised an eyebrow. “How about you two just stop arguing and spank me?”
“Oh that’s not a bad idea,” I say.
“Yeah, I’m for that.”
“You get the paddle? I’ll get the oil.”
“Ooo I have a new one I want to try out…”

He just shook his head and muttered under his breath, “Masters. Pfft.”

Text is fictional.


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