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“So…Mike tells me you clean dormrooms if the men are naked?”
“Yes sir.”
“Polite, too. I like that. I also like that you’re not ashamed in being honest with what you want. Well, my roommate and I have made a mess of this place. Just kind of got out of control after finals.”
He glances over my shoulder into my room. Where most people would cringe at the amount of work needed, his eyes sparkle, knowing the potential for big rewards. “I can get it done today. You have a lovely cock Sir, I’d be happy to work for it.”
I can’t help but reach down and give my cock a couple tugs. He watches me intently. “You have your eyes on the prize hm. Get to work, I’ll be watching …and jacking off. I’ll let you swallow if you’re making fast progress.”
“Yes sir!”

He was good. Matter of fact, he finished so quickly I was hesitant to let him leave so soon. So, I fucked him over my freshly made bed then coaxed him into sticking around to wash my sheets. A bottle of beer and promise of a sandwich worked. After he left, I called Mike. “Can I schedule him once a week please?”
Mike snickered, “He’s addicting isn’t he?”
“Oh his ass is so cute! Got me soooo horny watching him bend over to pick things up.”
“Did you fuck him?”
“Yes, made him wash the sheets too.”
“Glad to hear that. A lot of people are shy to ask to fuck him, but to him it’s just like a bonus for a job well done.”
“That kid is gonna go far in life.”

Text is fictional. I found the source with clothes on, so maybe this pic is photoshopped?


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