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Geraldo has gotten an alpha male’s attention by strutting around in tight fitting white underwear and teasing himself in it to half mast. He’s about to discover though, that there is a different between advertising to and taunting an alpha male. “I was a good boy this weekend and didn’t masturbate, but my balls are so full! I need someone to milk me between my legs,” said in a low, husky voice, is a good way to end up naked in five minutes.  “Sure you’re fucked a lot of boys, but once you’ve had mine, you’ll spend the rest of your life comparing everyone else to me,” is acceptable, if not a little dangerous. “I bet you’re all talk and no action, just because you know how to stick your cock in a boy doesn’t mean you’re any good at it, so prove it,” is a terrible idea. “I’m sure that’s just a sock in there, you gonna pleasure me with a sock?” is red flag territory.

Geraldo is about to learn that lesson now, as he’s about to receive the hardest fuck of his life, and feel that alpha cock probe parts of his pussy he didn’t even know could be reached. One arm will be around his neck, holding him in place as he takes the biggest dick of his life. He’ll love it, but once he realizes the full power an alpha has over his little twink body he’ll not only respect them more, but gain a healthy little bit of fear as well. Geraldo will think twice about poking them with a stick in the future.

Text is fictional.


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