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“Travis? …Traavis, are you awake?”
He doesn’t stop although he seems to be aware he has an audience, “…No.”
“You passed out during the party. Your blood sugar dropped. Are you feeling ok since we got some sugar in you?”
“Mmhhh your bed is comfy…” he murmured, continuing to hump my bed.
I crawl up behind him and sit next to his ass. “Can …Can I jerk you?”
“Mmmmmhmm…” he answers, lost in a sleepy daze of arousal.
“Lift your hips,” I purr back. I’ve been wanting him for a long, long time for access to his body. Consent is consent. 

He rolls his hips to the side. I straddle him, hovering over his ass and thighs, and slide my hand under him and find his cock. It’s hard, swollen stiff, the tip already wet. From being smothered under him, it’s burning hot and the vein under the shaft is pulsating. I sigh softly as my fingers caress the silky skin. Travis moans and bucks his hips into my hand. I ghost my finger tips from balls to shaft and he shudders, dripping pre-cum onto my comforter. I don’t even mind…it’s Travis. I’ve been wanting him for the last four years. I wrap my fingers around his cock to stroke him, but he’s out of his mind with carnal needs and humping my hand faster than I can keep up. I make a tight wet fist lubricated with his own seed and he loves it, bucking and driving his erection against my palm. I position the tip of my thumb so it brushes against the tip and he make noises that I’m sure anyone can hear.

“I’m coming!” he gasps, “Oh god oh god!” I work his shaft as he thrusts into my hand, his balls pushing against my fist. At first the cum just dribbles out, but then just when I think he’s finished with the orgasm, a big dose of it gushes out of the tip and all over his chest and the sheets. He cries out with a little sob, overwhelmed by how good it felt to be jacked off by another man. I sit back on his calves ignoring my own cock, and continue to fondle his cock through his legs. He’s got his ass up in the air now, head down, knees slightly apart.

As the skin grows more and more sensitive, he hisses and tries to jerk away from me but I keep an iron grip on him. I pull on his shaft with deliberately slow speeds until I run out of flesh, and he makes the most erotic little gasps when my skin touches the head of his cock. The more I do this the more he begs for me to stop, but I won’t. He thrashes and mewls as I unrelentingly pet and stroke him, giving special attention to his balls and that sensitive little spot at the top. “S…stop!” he pleads. But I don’t, until he’s making frustrated noises into the mattress and trying to push my hand away. “B..Brodie, stop!”

“Gotta get the rest of your seed out, baby, I know you have more in there.” I coax him to half hardness again, then milk the remaining seed out of his cock like the way someone would flatten a toothpaste bottle. A little push under his balls is the magic trick though. To my delight, I see him curl his toes as it dribbles onto the bed. When I release him, he’s completely soft. He collapses into the mess. “Christ man… what sort of kama sutra torture was that? I’ve never had a sexual experience like that ever.”
“Oh that? Simple edging techniques. You came so little and your balls still looked so full, I figured your recent inebriation and blood sugar spike might be preventing a good load.” It was bullshit, but he was dumb and gorgeous and would probably believe it.
“Shit.” He simply said, his breath slowly returning to normal, “I can’t believe you just jerked me off.”
“You feel good?”
“Yeah… how did I end up in your room? Where are my pants?”
I sit back on my bed and lazily play with my own straining member. “Well, you and the guys were drunk and comparing your cocks to beer bottles and cans. So you took off your pants for that, which is what happens when you drink –  you always end up naked. Then, you apparently forgot to eat today and you crashed. We put some sugar under your tongue and took you in here. I came to check on you.”

He thinks about this. “Thanks man… but hey uh…let’s not tell anyone about this ok?”
“Sure,” I say, “No problem. Just helping a guy out. Sucks when you’re hard and too disoriented to get off.”
Travis thinks. “That thing you did… do you do that to any other guys?”
I shrug. “Only boyfriends, and even so, not lately.”
“Don’t. I want a monopoly on that. Shit, my balls feel light as air. You gays have some crazy techniques.”
“Wait until I put my mouth on it.”
Travis groans. I can almost hear his Kinsey number change. “Right after you’ve cum… you’re nice and sensitive, and my velvety tongue just licking you like a little kitten, sucking on your balls like angel kisses…”

“Fuck man! Stop that. Are you tryin to make me hard again?”
“…Yes,” I grunt.
Travis looks over his other shoulder and just now notices me masturbating. “Oh shit, forgot about you. I thought you came already.”
“No,” I manage, getting close. The urge to hold him down and force my cock in his mouth is incredible. His lips would look so beautiful around my cock, wet with my seed… I suppress it though. He’s not ready. I end up mounting Travis and rubbing my cock between his ass cheeks until I come all over Travis’ back. He doesn’t protest, just stays still. When I reach under him to give it one final squeeze, he’s half hard again.


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