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I know you’re not supposed to see your other half before the ceremony, but he’s my boy and I was getting antsy after not having seen him all morning. I shooed away the people in his room and locked the door so it was just us in there. I wrapped my arms around his waist and had a quiet moment with him; his skin was warm from standing near the window. 
He murmured into my ear, “You look really sexy in that suit…”
“You want to undress me out of it later?
"Oh yes,” he purred, nuzzling my chin. 
“Then you shall, but don’t get excited now… unless you want a boner in every photo taken out there. That jockstrap is leather, it doesn’t hide much.”
He chuckles. 
“Also it’s because…. your mother. She came..”
“My – my mother? She’s came? She’s here??” he gasped, “How…she said she never wanted to see me again…”
I traced his jawline with my fingers. “Mothers are a particular breed. She thought I was stealing you away for life of sin and debauchery-”
“Well that’s not entirely untrue…”
“Ha, right? -but I just reframed it a little differently for her. I reminded her of her sweet, shy little boy that she always had to come rescue. I told her I wanted to be the one to keep you safe from now on. To watch over you. You know, put the band-aids on.”
“…Jesus. I told myself I wasn’t going to cry…”
I gave him another close hug. “Sorry love. I just thought you should know.”
“Thank you, Aiden,” he sniffled, slipping out of our roles for just a moment, “I know this lifestyle of ours is usually so private but…with her support, this day really feels complete." 
I smile and kiss him on the forehead. "I feel it too. Are you ready to wear my collar?”
“I am. I’m ready,” his voice was on the verge of cracking.
“Alright, then let’s finish getting you dressed. We have an hour. I can’t wait to see how that harness and all that silver jewelry is going to look on you.”

Post is fictional


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