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“You’ve been getting a bit uppity lately boy. Part of me thinks you do it because you love getting a spanking, part of me thinks you’re just getting a little loose since you’ve had so much downtime this holiday season with your family away from your Sir. Need I remind you about the thick leather band around your neck connected to the chains in my hands? Need I remind you who is nearly naked minus a thin jockstrap? And who is wearing a harness and cuffs so I can bind you in anyway I wish? You’re mine boy, you signed that contract. You begged me to sign it, if I recall. I own you and you will behave as such or else there will the discipline you don’t like. I’ll leave it up to your imagination what that is. Now, we’re going to Jaime’s cook-out tonight to celebrate her collaring ceremony and you are not going to embarrass me. Is that clear?”  

“Y…yes sir. Thank you for reminding me of my place sir. Your slave has been tainted by free people for too long. Slave is happiest with you Sir, because you know what is best for it Sir.”

I smiled. “Smart boy. Even though you will always be beneath me, I’m glad we can see eye to eye on some things.”


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