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My boyfriend says all good submissive boys should be locked boys. He says full balls and perpetual horniness is doing my part so we can focus on the best kind of love and sex. He was right! On days he works all the time though, it frustrates me nearly to tears because I just want to be fucked so badly but I have to wait for him to come home. As a good boy, I know masturbation is forbidden and I could easily get carried away with all my toys so it’s best wait for my boyfriend. He always knows what’s best for me.

Still – I get super impatient when he works late, so sometimes I record video messages to show him what he’s missing. I make sure that nothing gets cut out, that my pussy and my balls are easily on display and tempting. I also make sure to turn around and show him how much I’m swollen in my cage. Even if he’s super focused on work, my boyfriend won’t be able to think of anything else but fucking my eager body after seeing the videos and he’ll just have to come home. Sure, it’s devious, but half of his responsibility in dating a chaste boy is making sure I’m content and milked too. 

Still, I get hornier the more I wait though! I wish I could hump the bed like I used before he locked me up. I have to do something to keep my mind busy until I hear the key in the lock. Now I just look at porn and work myself up more until I’m forced to greet him at the door dripping pre-cum. If you ask me, I think he prefers it that way. :3

Post is fictional – this boy is so cute!


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