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Twenty minutes now. He was late. The waiter stopped by my table, his brow furrowing in concern, “Your date still isn’t here yet?”
“No,” I sigh, “He’s not picking up either.”
The waiter clucks at me, “You poor thing, I hope you don’t get stood up. Here, I brought you a coffee, on the house. No fun sitting there drinking cold water.”
When he set it down, he let his hand brush against mine. Our eyes met and he glanced away before a blush rose to his cheeks.
“Thank you,” I smiled, “I love coffee. Do you have cream by any chance?”
He was trying not to smile and bit on his lip, “I do.”
I watched him sashay off, bending over the bar to ask the bartender for a little thing of cream although he was supposed to get it from the kitchen. Oh he knew exactly what he was doing.

I glanced up. “You’re Kenneth?” I stood up and shook his hand.
“Hi yes, I’m Kenneth nice to meet you. So sorry I’m late. My ex, ugh.” He sat down and buried his face in a menu, “God I hope this place isn’t too expensive…”
“You picked it,” I reminded him, trying to recover from his whirlwind arrival.
“I didn’t have time to check the menu before hand, sorry.”

When the waiter brought the cream over, he looked startled to see the other half of the table occupied. He looked crestfallen and set the creamer down without a word. He went back over to the hostess stand to gossip with the girl there; they both looked at me. She shook her head.

The date was not going well. Kenneth was distracted, kept checking his phone too much. He was rude to the waiter, then got petulant when I defended him.
“What’s wrong with being a bit swishy?” I demanded.
“I just…I mean if you’re gay, why advertise?”
I scoffed. “It’s not advertisement, it’s confidence!”
Kenneth rolled his eyes. “Why are you defending him, he’s just the waiter!”
I was on the edge of a good rant and hyped up on caffeinated coffee, “He might be just a waiter but he’s been more polite than you have been, by far.”
Kenneth glared at me and snapped his menu shut. He was busy checking his phone again and didn’t see the waiter come up behind when he said, “Uh whatever, I bet the waiter isn’t even homo. That nose of his, he’s kind of ugly, I dunno who’d want to sleep with him.”

The color left my face. The waiter’s face collapsed in hurt and wounded pride. “Wait!” I called as he ran to the bathroom. “Shit!”
Kenneth looked over his shoulder, “What? Oh was that him?”
“Fuck this shit. Get out of here Kenneth the date is over. You were late, you’re rude, and you’re more interested in your phone than manners.”
“You can’t do that!”
“Oh I can.” I threw down my menu and left the blond open-mouthed at the table. Other waitresses and guests were staring. I made a dash to the bathroom where I found the waiter sulking in a stall; his eyes were red.

“Hey…” I knocked, “I’m so sorry he was such a dick.”
The waiter sniffled. His accent came out heavier when he was upset, “My mother said my nose gives me character..”
“I like your nose,” I added.
“Matter of fact,” I said, “If I’m receiving your broadcasts correctly, I’d rather sleep with you than Blondie McRudepants out there.”
“…You would?”
“How about right now?” I shut the stall door behind us and bolted it shut.

The waiter’s eyes went huge. I stepped toward him and he met me halfway, our mouths colliding in frantic kisses. I undid his belt and his nice slacks melted to the floor like ribbons. I began to pump his cock to get it nice and hard, my fingers wandering to the back for his pussy. He moaned and pushed his ass out. I gave it a good hard smack, made him suck on my fingers, then I pushed my wet digits into him. Kenneth was wrong, he’d definitely been fucked before. My eager bottom radar was rarely wrong. Oh he was so horny. It was delightful to feel his flesh expanding in my hand.

I tore at my pants until my own cock was free; too distracted for buttons, I just went with the zipper.  When he saw it jutting out, he whimpered. I slid another finger into him and his whole body shuttered.
“What’s your name?” I was speaking directly into his mouth.
“Otto,” he replied, the words muffled cause I was playing with his tongue.
I pushed him against the cool tile wall and spread his cheeks with my hands. I pulled a condom and a tube of lipbalm out of my pocket and coated my cock with it. Emergency methods.

I was in him in seconds, his body just swallowed me up into his guts. “Oh fuck Otto!” I grunted into his shoulder, working that ass as hard as I could in crepe soled shoes on a slick tile floor. The sounds of my torso and balls smacking against his ass resonated in the empty bathroom. “Touch yourself, do it!” I barked, busy with both hands around his waist. He obeyed instantly, happily jerking his pert cock.

“I wonder how many other customers you’ve fucked right here in this bathroom…you live to serve, and serve to live don’t you?” He whimpered an “oh god yes” and came the second I pinched his nipple through his white dress shirt. When his body seized around mine, I filled the condom with the load of cum I’d been saving for the blind date. Our breathing was entirely too loud in this silence.

Otto cursed in a language I didn’t know, then said, “Oh my god, …christ…”

“Lick my hand.” I put it in front of his face, “Lick your seed off my hand.”
He did so without question, his tongue getting every groove. I bit off a groan as it slid between my fingers.
“Now the wall.”
Otto hesitated, but he was a good boy and dropped to the floor to lick the wall clean. 

I tied off the condom and when he stood, I slid it into his vest pocket, “I want you to carry this all through out your shirt to remind yourself what a good bottom you are. And this is for your excellent service.” I slid a $50 in there as well my card with my number on it. I gave his ass a squeeze. “Call me.”

I left him fucked and dazed, pantsless in the restaurant bathroom. His hole was still twitching from the loss of my cock and the scent of sex lingered heavy.

When I came back out to the dining area, Kenneth was gone. I didn’t care. I had a great time. Two days later, Otto left me a voice mail: “Hellooo. I really enjoyed being your waiter that evening. I was wondering Would you like to make another reservation?”






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