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“Come on Tommy, spread your legs for Daddy. Just like that. Oh, are you hard this morning? Yes, yes you are. Move your hands away, love. It’s adorable how you’re still so shy. Move your hands -…aww, what a cute little erection. Spread like legs, yeah just like that. Hands above your head. I want you wide open on display for me, you know how much I love to see you exposed when I work you.

Oh don’t pout at me. It’s always a little tight in the beginning but once I get that last inch in you’ll be writhing on it like always. How much pleasure have I brought you since you moved in with me? Yes, Daddy knows best. Here it comes… don’t bite your lip, you’ll break the skin. Nnng! Yeah, the tip’s in baby, relax. Fuuck Tommy you’re so tight, you make me feel like I’m fucking an angel every day, babe. You’re better than coffee in the morning. Hey, here’s that the pretty little smile I love.”


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