Seriously stop putting your url on every picture and removing sources, you are what’s wrong with this website


I remove no sources 😉

I wanna comment on this… there is a huge lack of sources on pictures, especially gifs. If there’s no watermark, there’s nothing to go on, unless you can recognize porn stars by their tattoos or faces (or cocks). You can do a revere image search, but with hot guys and porn stars most of the time it’ll take you to other Tumblrs, Pinterest accounts, Blogspot pages, or Russian social networking sites. (It’s easier to track down celebrities and athletes because popular images show up on press sites.) Even if you find the porn actor’s name, tracking down the video or photoshoot can be damn difficult because most of the originals are behind pay walls. Finding the photographer can be equally impossible.

Hell, even if an image was originally created and posted by a Tumblr user, there is no way to guarantee that the first poster of a certain image is the content creator. Same with Flickr – might not be their image. You can send them an Ask but you may never hear back.

We do the best we can. Also – putting URLs on every reblog can get annoying, yes, but it’s the only way for Tumblr sites to advertise themselves to other followers. Hard to resist the temptation.


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