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My pup had gotten Lasik eye surgery and would be sensitive to light for a while. I made a game out of it by tying a blindfold around his head. He’s a pup, he should be able to get around by his scent. He was downstairs taking a nap when I went to take a showers, so I was a bit startled to come out of the bathroom to find him on my bed rousing around in my dirty clothes I’d worn to practice. One of my shoes had drool on it, but it seems I’d caught him dragging his balls over my shorts and cup. When the door opened, he froze and tilted his head at the sound. Busted.

“What the – … well look at that. You found my dirty clothes with your nose alone.” I folded my arms over my toweled waist. He barked at me, grinning and panting at his accomplishment. “Well you know you’re not supposed to be on the bed without permission but… ahh hell it’s all dirty anyway. Just don’t drip pre-cum on my sheets.” He barked at me again and began to teeth at the ball. “Oh pups…” I shook my head and went to finish getting dressed. Have to keep an eye on him, though. Make sure he doesn’t stick his cock in my shoes again.

Post is fictional. Pup is unknown.


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