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Daniel glowered at the phone that interrupted his headspace. He had just found his rhythm, John had just relaxed enough so Daniel could bury every inch of him in with every thrust. It continued to ring.

Daniel sighed as he pulled out. He leaned over and picked the transparent phone up off the cradle. “Hello? Oh hi Coral.”
John twisted and looked up at him in a panic, eyes wide. He was mouthing ’tell her I’m not here!
Daniel rolled his eyes. “No, I haven’t seen him.” Daniel stuffed a sock in John’s mouth then crawled back to where he was behind that beautiful peach of an ass.
“Why are you policing where your brother is anyway? You’re not his mom.” Daniel squirted some more lube on his cock, gave it a few strokes to muster it back up, and pushed back in. John groaned from behind the sock.
Daniel thrusted lazily with his hand on John’s lower back. “Bad people??” He laughed. “You watch too many movies. I mean, John and I don’t really hang out, but we have some of the same friends. Ain’t no one could corrupt him if they tried. That little church boy? Even if he hung out with a motorcycle gang, he’d just end up doing their laundry.”
Daniel kept thrusting. “Honestly, I don’t know where he is Coral. Not my day to watch him. Checked everywhere huh. Why don’t you go to St. Bart’s park and check the cruising places?”
Even from where John was on the bed, he could hear his sister yell on the phone, “Fuck you, my brother ain’t no faggot!”

Daniel laughed. “God you’re easy to rile up.” A pause. “Yeah, whatever. I’m hanging up.” He tossed the phone on the bed. When John glanced back at him again, Daniel just pointed to the cradle. John hastily put it on the cradle before he spit out the sock.

“The cruising spots?? Are you insane? Are you trying to tell her I’m gay?” John shouted.
“Oh come on, it was kind of funny. You know she’ll never go there. But who you fuck ain’t her business.” Daniel grabbed John’s hips and drove in him hard. “It’s my business.”
John groaned. “Oh woah! Oh damn yeah, do that again. I’ll cum in no time!”
“Good boy, I like that you stayed hard through that. I’m gonna reward you real good.”
“Oh god Daniel, yeah fuuuck!”

Daniel found his rhythm and set to bringing them both to climax before he lost his erection. John was all his – and he wanted it to stay that way. His ass was heaven.

Captions are fictional.


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