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Hugo thumbed through photos on his phone. “This one is my favorite so far.”
Arturo let out a low whistle. “He is stunning. That ass is begging for stripes.”
“Oh I’ve put them there. The aftercare was almost as good as the session, he was so soft and warm in my lap, I didn’t want to stop cuddling him. To say I’m very excited for Luis to be here is an understatement.”
“Paperwork is complete?”
“Indeed it is. My insurance goes into effect into Monday, so that’s when I can go pick him up from Everton.”
Arturo tilted Hugo’s phone so he could see the screen. “Where do they find boys this beautiful? Every boy I know that comes out of Everton’s looks like a model.”
Hugo chuckled. “That’s cause you don’t see them going in.” He thumbed to another picture of Luis looking coyly in the camera. “This beautiful lad spent most of high school in juvie, he’s been arrested in two states, and got in trouble for selling himself in jail and not paying taxes on his earnings. He also had a warrant out for his arrest in his home county for not paying a parking ticket.”
Arturo nearly spilled his wine as he threw his head back and laughed. “Are you serious?”
“Indeed. I got that pesky warrant taken care of of course.”
“My goodness, what a hellion.”
Hugo nodded. “He is spicy. Perhaps a bit too spicy. Luis desperately needs to be taught discipline.”

Arturo sipped his wine. “That may be so, but…what about your family business?”
Hugo shrugged. “I imagine he’ll end up in it one way or the other; Luis has potential to make a nice career for himself, but he could be a real liability.” He smirked. “It seems that Luis doesn’t often consider the consequences of his actions, or the risks he’s taking. It’ll be fun teaching him to consider those things. And rewarding him, long and hard into, into the sheets, all night long.”
Arturo chuckled. “You are impatient for him to get here.”
Hugo exhaled. “So very impatient.”

“Your talk of discipline has gotten me a bit aroused. Why don’t we go upstairs and pass some time?”
The corner of Hugo’s mouth lifted up. “Like old times?”
“Like old times. Well, I had less grey hair back then,” Arturo muttered.
“I like your grey hair.”
“Yeah. It’s sexy,” Hugo brushed his bangs with his fingers.
“You are such a good friend. Do you have more wine by the way?” Arturo held up his empty glass.
“Always.” Hugo put an arm around Arturo’s waist. “Let’s go get drunk and fuck until Monday comes.”
“Cheers to that!”

Captions are fictional.


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