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“Slower,” I told my buddy.

“I am going slow,” he said.

When he agreed to try this with me I was a bit surprised. We had always been honest with each other about our sex lives and when I told him that I had tried a dildo and liked it, he was cool about it. And when I said I’d probably want the real thing eventually, he said he’d do it for me.

“How does it feel? As good as the dildo?” He asked as he slowly worked himself down into me.

“Honestly?” I asked if he wanted the truth.

“Of course,” he replied, not slowing down or speeding up.

“So much better. I think it’s because you’re thicker than what I’ve used, you’re pushing right on the spot inside of me like crazy. I’m trying not to cum,” I told him.

“Shit, that’s cool,” he said, proud of how good his dick felt. “Tell me when you’re close and I’ll come, I don’t want to have to not do it in you, you know?”

I had told him he could cum in me as a reward for helping me out. He was smart enough to know if I came I might be done having him inside of me.

“Shit, are you close?” I asked feeling it build fast, his cock was perfect.

“I can be,” he said and picked up speed.

He didn’t go too fast but definitely made sure he was enjoying himself and got himself to where he needed to be. Meanwhile, I was doing everything I could not to finish.

“I can’t hold it, fucking cum,” I told my buddy as I felt my cock pass the point I could do anything.

“Okay!” He said and started pounding hard into me as my dick exploded. “I’m fucking ready, shit!”

My ass squeezed hard on him as he pushed deep. It felt amazing, feeling the real thing thrusting and flooding me, even better from somebody I trusted. He kept going and it felt so good I didn’t want him to stop just yet.

“So how was it?” He asked laying on top of me, his cock still buried inside.

“So damn good,” I sighed, breathing heavily.

“Nice,” he said, resting. “That mean I get to fuck you whenever I want?” He joked.

“Maybe,” I laughed.

Always nice to see other caption writers alive on Tumblr writing good stuff.


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