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I need to please men like that

“I seriously don’t know if I can make it to this meeting, but there’s no way I can miss it. I could barely eat today, yet I’m so nervous I feel like I’m going to throw up.”
“Do feel actually sick, like you’re coming down with something, or just stressed?” Roy asked.
“I think it’s just stress. If this meeting doesn’t go well, I can’t even fathom how far back this is going to set us back as a company. Especially financially. I can’t think about it without tasting acid.” Nelson puffed out his cheeks and ran his fingers through his hair.
Roy put a hand on his shoulder. “Here, I have an idea. I have a boy who works a block away, found him on Grindr. Had him over -and under- my desk a few times, he’s very good. And he’s always texting me, asking to come over and suck me off. Let me call him; he’ll get you relaxed in no time.”
“You think that’s a good idea? What if I get cum on my pants, or I get too sweaty?”
“You’re already a sweaty, stressed out mess. And you can take your pants off, but I guarantee you he won’t spill a drop. He is a greedy boy when he has a cock.”
Nelson snorted. “You are a hell of a salesman, Roy.” He ran his hand over his face. “Fuck. Now that I think about it, I haven’t jerked off a lot recently, been so busy preparing for this meeting. Fuck it.” He waved his hand. “Fine, call him.”

Roy clapped him on the back. “Smart man. Go get yourself a drink. I’ll go make a call.”
Nelson muttered his appreciation and went to go find something cold.

Roy came back into his office. “He’ll be here in thirty minutes.”
“Oh thank god. I’m going to take a nap.”
“That’s not a terrible idea.”

Nelson closed his eyes and drifted off. Thirty minutes passed in a flash. He was just coming to in a groggy sort of haze when Roy knocked on the doorframe. Nelson startled slightly.
“You awake?” Roy asked.
“Mentally, no. Physically? Also no.” Nelson’s teeth were sore from clenching his jaw as he slept, and he rubbed his chin absentmindedly.
“Good. Don’t get up,” Roy said. “Sebastian, come here please. This is Nelson.”
“Hello Nelson, nice to meet you.”
Nelson squinted at Sebastian. “Hello. Well, look at those curls. How old are you?”
Nelson nodded. “That’s a fine enough age to know what you want and have some experience doing it.”
“I damn well know what I want, and I have plenty of experience getting it. I’ve been told you need some of this experience?”
“I need to get this stress out of my system.”
“I’ll get it out and down my throat.” Sebastian knelt down on the floor. “Let’s get these pants off. We won’t need em.”
Nelson undid his belt. He was past caring; he would do whatever this boy asked.
Roy was beaming in the doorway like a proud father. “I’m going to go organize the documents we need, you have fun in here.”
“Thanks,” Nelson croaked. “Appreciate it.”

Roy came to check in after fifteen minutes. Nelson didn’t even notice he was standing there. His brain was elsewhere, his eyes rolled back into his head – lips parted, cheeks flushed, hand pressed firmly on the back of Sebastian’s tousled locks.
Roy watched Sebastian bob up and down on Nelson’s cock for a moment. So that’s what he looked like from this angle. Normally Roy only got a top down view. God, what a natural. He hoped there was time to fuck Sebastian over his desk before they had to leave.

Roy quietly slid out of Nelson’s office. A loud groan of pleasure came out behind him. Roy chuckled. If the meeting went well, which he was sure it would, the first thing they were going to do was hire Sebastian away from whatever company he worked for. His skill level was irrelevant, as he would only be a low-level junior employee anyway, but he would really there for morale. Sebastian would be excellent at that.

Captions are fictional.


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