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THis news is better than gay sex

wait. this is hilarious. They were contractually obligated to keep it, so when it was universally hated, they added an option to completely erase it from the dashboard without getting in trouble for removing it …… “snooze tumblr live” is funnier than we thought

Guys literally all of this is good news ,..they’re gonna be changing their approach to everything and focusing more on core functionality. which we all know this site needs. And they’re not downscaling any part of the trust & safety team so moderation should .. at least not be getting any worse

“One thing I’m hoping with a more focused approach in 2024 is that we can streamline some of the extra things that were launched (like Live) that haven’t gotten the adoption we hoped, and focus in on the core functionality that people use a ton of on Tumblr,” he said. “We will likely be shipping less new stuff and more focused on improving existing functionality and core flows.”

“What’s super clear is our previous approach wasn’t working,” Mullenweg elaborated in another post. “It didn’t turn around the business to make enough money to support the investment of infrastructure and staff needed to run Tumblr, and a lot of users were unhappy with some of the changes we tried. There have been a few staff changes within the team, but basically what we’re saying is starting January 1st, 2024 we’ll try a different structure with smaller, more focused teams working on the core parts of Tumblr that people say they want improved. We’ll sunset or rollback some things we tried that didn’t work.”

They tweeted this 30 minutes ago


Maybe Tumblr took my advice and got laid after all.


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