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Bit of an update…doing anything on Tumblr is becoming more difficult. If it’s not my posts getting randomly deleted, it’s the errors I’m getting that I can’t save drafts or save edits in posts for absolutely no reason. Tumblr randomly hides posts with nudity, but let’s sex bots follow you in droves that you have to report/block one by one. The new layout is driving me insane, the new text editor UI is driving me insane.

October is the busiest month of the year for me at work, so I cannot focus on Tumblr ight now. But this winter I will -hopefully- be moving all my writing to an archive. I cannot permanently leave Tumblr because I’m dependent on the random dashboard posts for content. I intend to keep writing, posting here, and then moving the posts to the archive, but what that will look like is still to be determined.

Thanks for your patience.

And Tumblr, seriously, you need to get laid.


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