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What the fuck is happening to my posts

Ok, I survived the great Porn Purge and all the drama that comes with Tumblr, but this may end me.

Recently, one of my posts vanished (the one about the guy with the hook up that made him question consent). It just vanished. I thought I had thrown my phone into my bag at the beach without the screen locked and Tumblr open, and somehow the post got deleted.

Well, a nice user just messaged me asking about a post that they couldn’t find, I’ll call it the Sam & Paul post. This happens, Tumblr likes to hide “adult material”. Well, I was going through my archive and not only was it not there, but it felt like that there should be more posts in my archive.

There’s a Tumblr mirror website called Tumbex, and I found the Sam & Paul post. It was reblogged by someone called @savingwedgies (thanks bro). You can see all their posts on their Tumbex page. However, when I try to pull up the post by itself, Tumbex says “Post not found”. When I try to locate the post on @savingwedgies’s actual Tumblr page, it’s not there.

It seems that Tumblr has deleted the post so it can’t be located or summoned, even if you have the link (like the way you can see a hidden Youtube video even if you have the link). According to Tumblr rules, if your post is deleted on Tumblr, it does not delete any reblogs of it – in theory. But my post is gone on my Tumblr and other Tumblrs. This is hugely alarming. Before, Tumblr just flagged your posts and hid them from the public. Now they’re just gone.

I’m in an actual panic about this. I managed to screenshot my missing post, but I have no idea how about what other posts of mine are just….gone. I feel kind of sick. And I can’t locate my other missing post. What’s the point of continuing if they just vanish?

Is this happening to anyone else??


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