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Haunted House by

Niccolo Scardino

Valentin removed the tray from his Master’s room. He was deep in a writing streak, and Valentin was just relieved he got him to eat. A red glow pulled his attention to the right, where a dark shape was floating in the back corridor.
“Asmodeous, if you’re going to haunt over there, can you please unscrew the light bulb above you? It went out this morning.”
A throaty growl came from the corridor.
“Thank you.” This was a big house, and Valentin was happy to have some extra help even if it probably was from another dimension.
Valentin went downstairs to the kitchen to drop the tray. After getting a new light bulb, he came back upstairs. Asmodeous had vanished, but the old light bulb was on the floor. The houseboy picked it up. The whole inside of the light bulb was black with an oily tint, like squid ink had exploded in there. There was an odd, burnt smell.
Valentin looked around the empty corridor. “Asmodeous are you the reason this light bulb went out?”
From somewhere, there was a throaty chuckle. Valentin turned around but no one was there. “Very funny. This is nice artwork, but please do not destroy our light bulbs.” He set the new one on the floor. “Please screw this one back in gently. If you do, I’ll leave some bones for you in the kitchen fireplace later.”
A deep, bass like hum vibrated through the floor.
had to resist calling him good boy. “Thank you.”  He shook his head and walked back to the kitchen to catch up on the cleaning. What a weird job it is being a houseboy here. They certainly didn’t cover this in the Academy!

When Valentin came to bring Master tea later, Valentin noticed the new light bulb was in place and shining as it should.
The Master of the House sipped his tea. “Did I hear you talking to someone in the hallway earlier?”
“Oh? You did. One of your resident spectres thinks it’s funny to mess with our light bulbs apparently.”
The Master of the House raised an eyebrow. “The house isn’t really haunted you know, right? It just makes a lot of noises and the trees make a lot of shadows. City boys just don’t understand.”
Valentin stared at him. “Right, Sir.”
“Surprised you haven’t run off, to be honest. Like the last two. I love the quality of houseboy that the Academy provides, but they’re all city boys,” he lamented.
“Fear not Sir. I’m not scared at all. I quite like it here, and I am feeling I am making a home here.
The Master of the House smiled. “Wonderful. I’m pleased to hear they sent a boy with skill, sense, and a nice ass. Beginning to think it wasn’t possible.”
Valentin refilled his teacup from the pot. “I’m pleased you are enjoying my service.” He bowed and left the Master of the House to finish writing for the evening.

When Valentin went downstairs, he discovered all the lights were off.
“You turn these back on right now!” he stomped his foot and put his hands on his hips.
Manic cackling wafted down the staircase. The lights turned back on, flooding the parlor and entry hall in a warm glow. “I’m going to leave you fish bones instead of venison bones if you keep this up,” Valentin warned. He was astonished to hear Asmodeous make a incorporeal noise that sounded a lot like a whine. Who knew specres from other dimensions were basically shadow pups?

Captions are fictional.


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