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Zane heard the “house heels” coming down the hallway, which was really a pair of his mom’s old pumps. His attention was drawn from the stove to Michael filling the kitchen doorway in a six foot flourish of satin and faux fur. The light pink robe swished over his black corset and lace shorts as Michael raised his arm and grabbed the doorframe. He struck a pose.
It. Is. Priiiide! Today is pride!
“Everyone’s going outside.
we’re going out, we’re being seen,
they need to know that I’m a queen.
We’re gonna get drunk,
and look at dicks,
All the kinds, just take your pick.
It’s a celebration of the gay,
so everyone move out of the way,
Michael made a flourish with his hand to punctuate that.

Zane blinked. “You’re feeling yourself this morning. One egg or two?”
“Is that french bread I see?”
“One egg daaaahhling.” Michael tossed his hair. “Am I beautiful?”
“Exceptionally. Beautiful as your singing.”
“Dahling, I love you. I’m going to go finish getting dressed. I feel like I’m forgetting something.”
Zane cracked an egg against the side of the pan. “Did you put your cock ring on?”
“Oh, kittens!” Michael tsked at himself. “Thank you dahling.” His vanished from the doorway and his heels echoed down the hallway.

Zane was checking on the bacon in the oven when he heard a hysterical cry from the bedroom.
“AUGH it’s COLD!”
Zane couldn’t help but laugh. “Did you forget to warm the cock ring?” he called back.
“Well at least you’re awake!”

Zane noticed a text message on his phone.
“Are you guys running on time?” their friend Tony asked.
Zane did a voice text back. “Uh about twenty minutes behind. About to put breakfast on the table.”
“Twenty minutes huh? Sooo how much of a handful is Michael this morning?”
“He’s both hands full,” Zane sent back. “He’s broken into song already.”
Tony texted him a bunch of laughing emojis. “I guess we’re no better. We fucked and now we’re listening to Madonna.”
“Is this the new boy from Modesto? He stayed the night?”
“He diiiiiid. He’s very excited for his first big Pride in Los Angeles. He’s very cute.” Tony texted back.
“Did you warn him about Michael?”
“He’s been briefed that Michael is a lot of person.”
“Good.” Zane snickered to himself as he plated breakfast. God, he loved his man, but being Michael’s man meant being a shield between Michael and the rest of the world. He exuded enough personality for two people – but it also meant he loved and cared for people twice as hard. So Michael had also had to be protected so feelings didn’t get hurt. But Zane loved that role. He often thought of himself as the bemused, human attendee to an immortal faerie from some other fantastical realm who is trying really hard to fit in with the humans. It was really the only explanation for why Michal was the way he was.

“Do I need to wear a thong or is it ok that you can see my dick through these lace shorts?” Michael asked from down the hall.
Zane pinched his nose. “You need to cover your cock in public, sweetheart, even though it’s Pride”
“Ah, kittens. I’ll put the thong back on.”
“Breakfast is ready by the way!”
“Coming! One sec.

The sound of the heels returned a moment later and Michael bloomed into the room. "I am decent!”
“My god, you are. The leather top piece with the corset was a hot choice. Fuck. I need to cover you in oil.”
“Whatever for?” Michael asked.
“So the boys glide right off of you instead of stick to you all night long.”
“Oh kitten, you are so sweet. You are fucking me in this later so you’re aware.”
“Oh, I’m aware.”
“Good. Cause this corset is too much work to take off by myself.” Michael picked up a piece of warm, soft buttered bread and moaned as he bit into it. “Oh my god why is eating carbs so wrong!”
“It’s not wrong. Besides it’s Pride, and you’ll need your energy, so eat up. There’s more bac-”
Michael flung his arms out. “It. Is. Priiiiide. Everyone’s going outside-
Zane swatted him on the ass. “Eat your breakfast, you little minx.”
Michael dissolved into giggles and sat down with a sweep of the robe. “Yes dahling, of course. Oh you made darjeeling, dahling you know me so well!”
Zane kissed the top of his head. “Yes, yes I do.”

Captions are fictional.


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