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“Daddy I’m having a crisis,” Dillon emoted to his phone.
”What’s a matter sweetheart?”
”I cannot figure out what to wear to the Pride parade. It’s going to be warm, so I’m just not sure what’s going to be a good fit and be comfortable to sweat in. Cause you know we’re dancing afterwards.”
“Hell yeah we are. Is there one piece at all you’re thinking about?”
“Um I got the underwear that’s it?”
“Show me?”
Dillon walked over to the mirror and held up the phone so he was Facetiming his reflection to Trevor.
“Oh fuck,” he sighed. “You’re wearing the pink ones I got you.”
Dillon smiled demurely. “Thought you’d like that. Felt festive.”
Trevor studied the screen. “Fuck it. That’s all you’re wearing.”
“Yeah, that’s all I picked out,” Dillon said.
“No, I mean, that’s all I’m allowing you to wear. You’re going just like that. You looking perfect.”
There was a pause as that sank in. “In my UNDERWEAR?”
“Yep. No different than being at the beach or the pool and that’s in public right?” Trevor said.
Dillon tried to stammer out a reply.
“We’ll keep some clothes in the car if you want to cover up. I’ll slather you in sunscreen, you’ll get a nice tan. We can put some glitter on your pecs.”
Dillon could see Trevor was enjoying this. “I mean, if you think so…”
Trevor suddenly laughed. “Oh my god.”
“My niece went as a fairy for Halloween last year. I’m going to ask my sister if she still has the wings. So you-” he was having trouble talking he was laughing so hard. “So you can be Twinkerbell.”
Dillon cackled. “Twinkerbell? Oh my god.
Trevor wiped tears out of his eyes. “Yes. With pretty pink wings and a glitter and a wand.”
“Fucking hell. That’s both evil and brilliant. I’m kind of hating how much I’m loving this idea though…Twinkerbell. How do you come up with these things?”
“I have no idea. But we are covering you in glitter.”
“I love glitter.”
“I know that, because I find it everywhere.”

Dillon sat on the bed. “It’s like little bits of my love stick to you all over.”
“Awww. God I love you so much.”
“I love you too.”
“Not more than me. I’m gonna go call my sister, but I’m serious. You are not putting on any more clothes. Except shoes and socks. Do you have pink socks?”
Dillon scoffed. “Of course I do.”
“Good. Wear those.”
“Yes Daddy.”

Captions are fictional.


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