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David left the other group to come over and nudge Armani. “Look at that.” He gestured with his wine glass.
Armani turned around. “Look at that indeed. So rare for Peter to take an interest in anyone but me, but it seems he’s made an exception for your boy.”
“I’m honored, my Alexander is beautiful.”
“He is. Alexander seems a bit hesitant, though,” Armani said.
“He’s probably not used to another boy coming after him. Usually it’s the men without manners I have to watch out for.”  Alexander glanced at David. David nodded and made a casual sweeping gesture with his hand to indicate they should continue. He turned his attention back to Armani. “We shouldn’t stare, and let them have their fun.”
“Hard not to, I am enjoying watching this.”
David sipped from his glass. “They are beautiful. I’ve always been wanting to ask though, why haven’t you locked Peter yet?”

Armani said and sat down in a lounge chair. “I tried once. I like the look of it more, but, it just doesn’t work with Peter. It makes him sullen and unhappy. Plus he’s very…what’s the word – touch-oriented?”
“Oh like love languages? Touch is one of the love languages.”
“Yes, that. Peter likes touch, and I do enjoy having access to all of him. He’s trained well enough so we haven’t had any problems.”
“It’s so funny. It’s the opposite with Alexander. His love language is acts of service.” David chuckled. “Well, let’s be honest. His real love language is ‘receiving gifts’. He does love his sparkly things.”
Armani laughed. “I was wondering where his jewelry was.”
“I make him take it off on days we might be swimming.”
“Aah.” Armani sipped his wine. “Look at them. So passionate.”
“I dare say I’m getting a bit aroused watching Alexander play with Peter’s cock.”
“I would think something is wrong with you if you weren’t. Come, sit down David and watch this with me.”
David grabbed the half empty bottle of wine from the chiller and sat down in the parallel chair. “Refill?”
“Yes please.”

Captions are fictional.


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