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ibrahima kone by joaquin burgueño for mordernroad magazine

I rub his back as he finishes vomiting into the wastebasket.
“Dinner didn’t go down right last night?” I ask, although I know what’s really bothering him.
“No,” David grunts and spits. “Just – not looking forward to brunch.”
I curl my fingers and run my nails gently down his back. “There’s still some water on your nightstand.”
David looks at it as if he’s forgotten it’s there. He swishes his mouth out and spits it into the plastic-lined bin. He sighs.
“I know I sound like a broken record, but you don’t have to go to brunch if you don’t want to.”
“I need to. This is my sister’s first baby, my first nephew. If I don’t go, it’ll look terrible. My sister has been texting me that she’s excited I’m coming. It’ll be awkward if I’m not there, and I want to meet Obediah.”
“It’ll be awkward if you don’t want to be there and everyone can tell.”
David leans back against the pillows. “So I should go regardless.”
“No, I’m not saying that. Listen, it’s not your fault it’ll be awkward if you’re not there. Your parents make it awkward, by not accepting you and asking you rude questions about me, about trying to set you up with women. It’s their fault.”
“But Neil…”
“Nuh uh uh! Nope. Don’t start with that. Text your sister. Tell her that you don’t want your parents’ issue with your sexuality ruining the new baby party, and you will come over some night this week and cook dinner so you two can catch up.”
David stares at me. “How do you do that?”
“Do what?”
He waves his hand. “Just magically solve my problems.”
I chuckle. “My grandpa was a lot like your parents. I’m used to avoiding him. He couldn’t handle the gay.”
“You are very gay.” David thinks. “It could work. My sister loves my fried catfish.”
“See, it’ll work”
David picks up his phone and types out the message. I spellcheck it and he sends it. We look at each-other. “I think I may throw up again,” David says.
“Sweetheart there’s nothing in your stomach to throw up.”
The phone dings. I watch David’s face as he reads it. He smiles. I release the breath I’ve been holding. “She says she understands, and has been craving my catfish recipe and my fried okra. She said Wednesday night would be good.”
“Yay! See that worked out.”
“And um.” David holds up the phone. “She wants you to come.”
“Really?” my heart flutters a little.
“Do you want me there?”
David plucks at the sheets. “Yes. It would be nice. I never get to take you to any family stuff.”
“I would love to. I’ll make a dessert to bring.”
“Fantastic.” David exhales in relief and his shoulders relax.

David sends a message to his parents and sets his phone aside. “Now that I’m not spending my day being passively aggressively shit on by my parents, what am I going to do with my morning?”
“I think we should go to brunch at Diamond’s.”
David lifts an eyebrow. “Baby, that’s expensive.”
“It is, but it’s delicious and you deserve it. Plus it’s Saturday so Topher is working. Let’s go to Diamond’s and gossip about the other rich gays over berry pancakes, cause I know you love that-”
He groans. “I do.”
“Then let’s go to the beach, get some sun, come back, clean up, have sex, and watch a movie on the sofa while eating mac n cheese?”
David smiles. “Why are you such a perfect boyfriend, Neil?”
“I’m not perfect.” I insist. “I just like being with you.”
“Yes you are.”
“Nooo.” I hit him with a pillow.
“Hey!” David laughs.
“I am not you silly boy. Now come on, let’s go shower so I can give you the handjob I’ve been wanting to give you all morning.”

David’s phone starts binging again. He winces and picks it up. “That’s my mom.”
I take the phone out of his hands and launch it across the room toward the laundry basket. “Neil!” David shouts in panic; it lands without a scratch.
“That woman is not going to succeed in ruining our morning.” I take David’s hand and pull him out of bed. “And she’s not getting between me and your dick.”
“Well when you put it that way, I find it hard to argue.”
“Good. Now get in here and brush your teeth so I can kiss you.”

Captions are fictional.


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