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“You know why you’re being punished right?”
“Yes sir. Because of what I said to Mark.”
“Yes, boy. Because of that. But I am more upset that you have made me punish you, because as mean as it was, that insult was a hell of a zinger. It was damn accurate and Mark was annoying all of us.”
“Thank you Sir,” Julian says.
“But, being rude to other men, especially men you were serving at my home, is not behavior I will tolerate or enforce.”
Julian sighs. “I understand Sir. I considered there would be repercussions before I said it.”
I chuff air through my nose. It’s so hard not to smile. “I’m glad you said it though. I enjoyed watching John snort beer out of his nose at Mark’s reaction to what you said.”
Julian looks pleased.
I cup his jaw. “I’m glad you understand.” I kiss him deeply and palm the back of his head. “I love you, boy. Now fetch me my paddle and the spiked ball parachute.”
Julian hesitates, processing if the repercussions were worth it. His gaze rises to meet my stern expression. “Um, yes Sir. Right away Sir.”
“Good boy.” I don’t tell him that if he takes his punishment well, it’ll be balanced by the sweetness of reward for the risk he took. In this case, he’ll get to finish himself by rutting against my lap. I look forward to feeling that heat and wetness soak through my jeans, and I begin to harden at the thought of it.

Captions are fictional.


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