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Michael lingers in the bathroom entrance and watches his boy do his morning stretches. During the week, he doesn’t get to watch this because he’s in the shower. Michael is mesmerized by the way the dawn sun plays over the curves and muscles of his body. Being a houseboy is a young man’s game, but as Isaiah had crossed 30 into 31, 32, Michael is finding his houseboy has been evolving into a beautiful creature that increasingly captures all of his attention and thoughts.
Even when asleep.
Over night, Michael had some fantastical dream last night about Isaiah’s nude body and woke up with a hunger for him. But when he roused to a bare state of consciousness, Isaiah already had his backside pressed against Michael’s erection and was pleading for it to go further. Michael is still entirely unsure who instigated all of it, but ‘rising with the sun’ so to speak is a fine way to start the day.

Isaiah turns slightly and Michael can see some wetness on the inside of his thigh; he fixates on it. Most of Michael’s ejaculate has to still be inside of his boy, which Michael finds deeply satisfying.
Isaiah rises from a position with his palms on the floor, then brings his arms over his head and pulls his elbows down. He looks over at Michael coyly. “Can I help you Sir?”
“Finish up, I want to wash you.”
“Oh, I would love that Sir. Weekends mornings are much better than weekday mornings, don’t you think?”
“I think we need weekday mornings to appreciate weekend mornings, but honestly any morning with you is a good morning. You are my daylight.”
Isaiah blushes prettily. “Thank you Sir. May I wash you too?”
“You can, but I am going beg you for a back massage, just warning you.”
Isaiah chuckles as he stretches his arms across his body. “Sir, that is not an inconvenience. It’s the only time I get to really get my hands on your ass.”
“The ass is not part of the back.”
“It’s the base of the back, Sir.”
Michael gives him a look and holds out a hand. “Come here, you.”
Isaiah smiles. “Yes Sir.”

Captions are fictional


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