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Nú número 1 (by Laerte Késsimos)


I consider my nude torso in the mirror as I scratch my beard and yawn. “Man, I needed that.”
“What, the sex or the trip to the bathroom?” Lucien teases.
“The sex, you silly boy. I’ve mastered the art of jerking off while driving my semi, but it doesn’t come close to the satisfaction of being in bed with you.”
“You can jerk off while driving a semi?”
I grin. “I can even pee in a bottle while driving.”
“Oh my god, I’m never getting on the highway again.”
I chuckle. “Funny enough, part of the reason I cut corners like that is to hurry up and make the drives go faster, so I have extra time to stop and see you.”
Lucien’s face hardens. “Don’t you dare go riskin lives for a piece of ass, you hear me?”
My face flushes at being scolded. I hide how charmed I am to hear his Southern accent come out a bit more when he was getting serious with me. I told up my hands in surrender. “I won’t do anything dumb, I promise. I can’t enjoy coming to Cordova if I’m dead.”
Lucien flicks his lighter. “Honestly, I’d sleep with a ghost.”
“Could they pay you?”
Lucien thinks. “I have no idea how that would work, but I’d do it once just to see what it’s like.”
“You would put them in your phone as Ghost, I’m guessing?”
“Oh I already have a Ghost.”
I sit on the edge of the bed. “What, really?”
“Yeah. He’s an albino.”
“You’re shitting me.”
Lucien can’t keep a straight face and dissolves into giggles. “I am.”
I throw a sock at him.
“Hay is for horses,” I reply.
“There is a Ghost in my phone for real though. He booked me like three times and never showed up. Got banned for that.”

Lucien looks at me. “So…you said you would cook me dinner last time, and so I’m dying to know what’s in that cooler you brought in with you.”
“You said you had a grill out back right?”
“Fantastic. Gonna make you a nice bison steak with roasted peppers and potatoes.”
“Bison? Sounds amazing,” Lucien groans. “Better than hotdogs.”
“You get enough hot dogs in your bun.”
Lucien throws the sock back at me.
I chuff air through my nose. “By the way, I also got you a present.”
“You did? You didn’t have to.”
”Oh don’t pretend like you don’t like presents. I noticed you got some new magnets on your fridge. Like that Niagara Falls one, and I take it you haven’t been there lately.”
“Ok, busted I love presents.” Lucien glances in the direction of the fridge. “A guy named Yellow Truck sent me that. Hell of a drive from here.”
”And a lot colder.” I stand up and pull on my jeans. I walk out of the small bedroom to the living room/kitchen where my duffel is by the back door. I glance over my shoulder; Lucien face up, but propped up on his elbows watching me. The sun is splayed across his chest, nearly making him glow. I bring the duffel back into the room and set it on the bed.
“There’s something bulky in there,” Lucien comments.
“It takes up most of the bag actually,” I admit. I unzip the duffel and take out a box wrapped haphazardly in newspaper with tape stuck to it in random places.

“Aw, is it Christmas, Turbo?” Lucien sits up and folds his legs. He’s still naked as when I pulled out of him, and he hasn’t even considered a piece of clothing once. His casual acceptance of nudity is just another thing he does as easy as breathing. There’s no mistaking that Lucien didn’t get “stuck” as a male prostitute…he was born for it. And I’m lucky to be in his universe.
I hand him the box. “Maybe. It’s an early Christmas present. Well, maybe, a late present. A very late present.”
Lucien raises a brow and turns the box in his hands. “Oh, it’s noisy. Is this a puzzle? It’s a really big box if it’s a puzzle.”
“Open it.”
Lucien hooks his fingers under the paper and pulls. After one tear, he stops and stares at the packaging revealed underneath. “Turbo! Did you get me Lucky Charms?”
“Open it!”
He destroys the rest of the newspaper and whoops with laughter. “This is the biggest goddamn box of Lucky Charms I’ve ever seen! It’s like two boxes glued together, where did you find this?”
“Costco.” I puff out my chest proudly. “Should make up for the box your mouse got into when you were a kid.”
Lucien smiles and hugs the box. “It does. I will keep it in the fridge to prevent it from happening again.” He opens the box with enthusiasm and stuffs a handful of cereal in his face. A groan follows. “Why ish thish so good?”
“Sugar, probably. Don’t ruin your appetite for dinner now.”
He eats another handful. “Fuck, thish ish so good. Fank you.” Crumbs land on his lap.
I chuckle. “You’re welcome. I’m going to take a quick shower and start on dinner ok?”
“Sounds good to me. I’m going to change the sheets and go have a cigarette.”

"Lucien, how often do you get harassed by your clients about smoking?”
“Oh all the time,” he admits. “I’m down to three cigs a day from half a pack, so … progress.”
“Well that is good, when did you start smoking?”
“Began stealing my mom’s cigs when I was 12.”
I shake my head.
“Don’t worry, I have plenty of dads supervising me and punishing me for my errant ways.”
That makes me perk up. “You have clients that spank you?”
Lucien grins. “Only when I’m a misbehaving school boy that keeps coming home late for farm work and needs to be spanked for his laziness.”
I swallow. God, what a visual! “Ok, I need to get more creative.”
Lucien eats a marshmallow from the box. “Whatever makes you happy. You’re paying for it. Sex is great as it is though. I’m not in a hurry to change anything.”
“Great? I’m great?”
Lucien points to the white stains on the bed. “Not everyone makes me cum you know.”
I consider this and wish my balls would refill faster. “I am making you a hell of a fucking steak dinner after this shower.” I grab my kit out of my dufffel and head to the bathroom.
“Leave the door open so I can watch you,” Lucien says with a coy smile. I look back at him. He looks almost imp like, sitting cross legged, dwarfed by a giant cereal box.
I give him a helpless look and exhale. I’m half erect although there’s nothing in the reservoir tanks. Lucien notices and I can tell by the gleam in his eyes, that even though I’m his client – I hired him! – he’s not done with me yet tonight.

Captions are fictional.


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