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Toby was sunbathing in his cute pink thong and big ol’ aviator shades in the park when someone shouted right above his head –
“I GOT IT!” This was followed by the thud of footsteps in the grass.
Toby moved to sit up when a frisbee landed in lap – and a giant shadow passed over him. Toby yelped out in surprise as shadow became mass that toppled over him.
“Ooof! Fuck! Shit!” Duke grunted. He splayed out his legs to avoid kicking Toby in the head and put out his hands; one landed to the left of Toby’s leg, the other between his knees, to catch his weight. Toby was stunned, not by what so much had happened in the last two seconds, but by the view he was granted of an absolutely perfect uncut cock and the swell of a heavy pink testicle.
Unbalanced, the man toppled over onto the grass. He rolled over onto his knees and sat up to dust himself off. “I’m so sorry about that, are you ok?” The man took the frisbee off Toby’s lap.
Toby sat up and pushed up his sunglasses. “Um. Y-yes, thank you. Are you alright?”
“Yeah I’m fine. I’m real sorry to have fallen on you. I tripped trying to catch this stupid plastic disc.”
“Oh no don’t apologize. I should thank you for the beautiful view, actually.”
The man gave a sheepish, lopsided grin. “Ah shit, did I slip out?”
“A little,” Toby teased.
The man glanced down and tucked himself back in with a quick gesture.
Another guy jogged over. “Hey Duke, you ok?”
“Yeah I’m fine. Ego’s bruised a bit.”
“Did you actually catch the frisbee?”
“Yeah, totally did.”
“You did not,” Toby interjected.
The other man laughed. “Busted.”

Duke stood up and looked at Toby. “Sorry again. Let me know if I can make it up to you somehow.”
“Don’t apologize, honey, I would have paid for that view.” Toby put his sunglasses on and laid back down. “Just come say hi again before you leave.”
“I just might do that.”
“What is he talking about?” the other man said as the pair walked off.
Duke glanced over his shoulder at the long legged beauty splayed on the towel in a thong for anyone to see. He wasn’t packing much but that didn’t mean it couldn’t be fun. Duke wished he could see what the view was from the back. “Mmn. I think I made a new friend.”

Captions are fictional.


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