I love your stories. I followed you for years before the tumblr apocalypse and I recently remembered your Lucien stories but couldn’t find them anywhere. I was wondering if they still exist

Hello. Thank you for following and combing back. I’m still here, whether the dicks are censored or not.

Your comment sent me down a rabbit hole. Here’s the tag. One of them got hidden due to “explicit content”, and I’m going to reupload it.
https://www.tumblr.com/allbecauseoftheboys/tagged/lucien stories
EDIT: Link may not be working properly. I’m trying to figure out. Will update tomorrow.

Also, upon digging into this, I learned an absolutely shocking fact that my Tumblr is going to be TEN YEARS OLD this year. And some of my readers have been here the ENTIRE TIME. I need to lie down.


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