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Donde Hubo Fuego (High Heat) 
1×23 “Si no son míos, no serán de nadie”

Nico strolls into the shower room of the gym. There are eyes on him, and his eyes are on others. This is his hunting ground. There are men who look by accident, men who look on purpose, and men who don’t look at all, and Nico has to filter them out with only a glance. He’s looking for the right man with the right roaming gaze, the right way of presentation. The right man wants Nico to come over into his stall. The sex will be loud and public to anyone who comes in, but it is the natural way of things. It’s in defined territories such as these where men rank and sort themselves.
Nico also catches the attention of other men who are also hunting an outlet for lust. He is in direct competition with them, although they may not be after the same thing exactly.

Nico doesn’t view these men as a threat however, he views them as game. No sweeter victory than turning your supposed equal into a breeding conquest.

Captions are fictional.


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