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Zach finds it hard to keep his jaw closed. Bruce looked fine as hell walking around, but watching him bend over captured his full attention. “Damn, your boy looks hot in that. Is that his outfit for the Halloween party?”
John chuckles. “No, that’s his idea of casual wear.”
Zach raises a neatly trimmed eyebrow. “So what’s he going as for the party?”
John grins and calls out to his boy who was on the other side of the living room. “Hey Bruce, tell Zach what you’re going for as Halloween.”
Bruce sets the remote he’d picked up on the coffee table. “Ronald Reagan. Scariest boomer in a suit I could think of.”
“Ok, that’s a pretty scary idea for a room of gay dudes. But uh, I think Ronald Regan was the Greatest Generation, not a boomer,” Zach replies.
Bruce looks confused. “You think Reagan’s generation was the greatest? Seriously? Well I’m going to look at you completely differently now. And he is definitely a boomer.”
Zach chuffs air through his nose. “No, Bruce, sweetheart. The generation before the Baby Boomer Generation was called the Greatest Generation. Baby Boomers were born after World War II.”
Bruce has a blank look on his face. “It has never occurred to me there was another generation before Boomers. Makes sense now that I think about it…”
John chuckles. “Bless your heart.”
“Well I can’t be held at fault for something I didn’t know about! I’m sure most people from that generation are dead anyway.” Zach puts his hands on his hips.
“Well, not most. They’re on their way out though. Regardless, generations are an important context for talking about historical figures,” John replies.
Bruce is half listening. “Wait, if there’s something before Boomers, what came before that? And what comes after Gen Z? Where is my phone? I need to Google this immediately.” He walks out of the room and into the kitchen.

Both Zach and John stare at his ass as he goes.
“Thank god he’s pretty, at least,” John mutters.
“Yeah, seriously,” Zach replies.

Captions are fictional.


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