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Tyler stares at the wall in horror. There’s still a faint smudge of his cum on the wall from where some big bull named Dan fucked him  – three days ago. Good lord, how did he missed cleaning this? And didn’t this place have cleaning crews? Tyler had given the wall a cursory wipe down, but it wasn’t like Tyler had his wits about him much after the fuck – he was high in his headspace, riding the afterglow. How had he missed this though? Red with embarrassment, Tyler removes his Speedo and erases his sin hastily. No one had seen that right? It was barely noticeable. And now it’s gone.

Tyler chides himself. He’s been trying to not stare so much at the men at the gym. It’s been really difficult, being surrounded by so much muscle and testosterone. He just wants to just throw himself at these buff studs and worship all their cocks. Who could fault him for that? Tyler sighs. Cock. What a wonderful thing. 
He finishes washing off and contemplates that he should probably jerk off before going to the gym to prevent these types of situations. Tyler reaches for his towel, dries off, and gets out with the towel around his waist. He reaches into his duffel for a comb and drops his goggles in. When Tyler lifts his head, he sees Dan walk into the locker room. Tyler freezes. Dan spots him immediately, smirks, and begins to walk in his direction.

Captions are fictional. 


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