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Their lips touch, dance, back and forth. Charlie pulls back a couple inches and opens his eyes. He startles when he sees RJ’s green eyes looking back at him.  Charlie’s face feels warm. “Um. I didn’t realize you were into me.”
“Do you understand now?”
“I’m starting to.” Charlie stammers.
“I thought you would have realized it when I found you skinning dipping and asked to join you.”
Charlie’s thoughts are interrupted by RJ’s leg brushing against him. For a second he mistakes it for the man’s cock and his thoughts swerve out of their lane. “Uh. Well.” He wipes some water off his face. “Just was kind of happy you wanted to be naked and swim with me. Even if it was just as friends. Didn’t want to get my hopes up…”
“What you were hoping for?” RJ whispers.
“This,” Charlie admits. It’s barely audible.
RJ brings his hand out of the water and lifts Charlie’s chin. He smiles and kisses him again. “Come here. Come closer.”
Charlie pulls himself forward using the wall until he definitely feels RJ’s cock brush against his hip. It’s warm. He moans and pushes against it; goosebumps break out across his skin. Charlie wants to hold back, but his resolve seems to be dissolving in the water.

Captions are fictional.


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