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Jason pushes his shirt up.
“Above the nipples,” Paul states in that firm baritone.
Jason does but he’s averting Paul’s gaze.
“Beautiful.” Paul runs his palm down Jason’s flat stomach. He pushes his fingers into his hair and curls his fingers around Jason’s penis. It’s heavy, but not fully hard.
Heat rushes into Paul’s hand. This makes him smirk a little. Jason moves his knees together but Paul puts a hand on his thigh. “No, pet.” Jason vocalizes in protest. His cheeks are pink as hell. Paul looks him over and shakes his head slightly in amusement. He figured Jason would get less embarrassed over time, but he is still shy as ever. It’s utterly exploitable. Paul continues his motions, bringing Jason to full stiffness.

Once satisfied, Paul lets his hand fall away and examines his work. Jason’s cock bobs in mid-air, dark red. “Excellent.” He pushes Jason back so he falls back, head on the pillow. Jason exclaims in surprise and blinks up at Paul, startled.
“Just taking a shortcut, pet. For some reason, you’ve made me impatient today.” Paul reaches for the lube. Jason’s eyes follow him. He swallows hard. Paul lubricates his throbbing erection, staring directly at Jason, making sure he’s watching.
“After all this time, is it still hard for you to stare at another man’s cock?”
Jason swallows hard, again, but doesn’t answer.
“Do you not look at yourself in the mirror?”
“It’s different,” he stammers.
“Oh is it?”
Paul tilts his head a little. “I suppose it is all different for you. You know, being straight and all.” He tosses the lube aside and pushes up Jason’s legs, leaving slick fingerprints on his legs. Jason gives him a helpless look of mild fear and panic. Paul loves how hard this expression makes him feel. He is quite surprised every time Jason makes it this far. The first time was a drunken escapade that could have easily been discarded and forgotten, but when Jason came back to him? Paul does not understand it, but he has seized the opportunity regardless.

Jason is always tight because he refuses to practice. Paul would love to stretch him, but on the flip side, watching Jason’s face contort in discomfort and feel his muscular body wiggle under him nearly brings Paul to orgasm. He pins his shoulders to the bed and waits for Jason to adjust to Paul’s cock inside him. Paul feeds him one inch at a time, never compromising or hinting that anything less than all is acceptable. Because it won’t work if he doesn’t hit Jason’s prostate. The whole game will be spoiled.

Paul needs to see Jason’s lips part and listen to him gasp; he needs Jason to arch his back. He needs to see his eyes rolling back under half-closed lids. Paul needs to make sure Jason is thorough educated as to why he lets Paul fuck him. The lesson needs to stick. Paul knows how Jason thinks. Jason always tells himself this is the last time, until time passes, and he remembers…and needs it again… and he sneaks away from his girlfriend to spend time with Paul.

Paul thrusts into Jason and moans at the noises he makes. “Stroke yourself, pet. Do it. It’s not an option. Touch yourself. There you go, good pet. Stroke. I want both of my hands free to bring you to peak. Don’t stop stroking until you’ve cum. I want to see you splatter all over yourself. Show me how good my cock feels inside you. Show me.

Captions are fictional.


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