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Wallace slams the truck door. “BOY!” he hollers. “Did your clothes get baled too?”
“They’re in the back of the other truck.” He turns around and grins. “Too hot for clothes.” 
“Jesus you’re naked as the day you came out.”
Leroy glances down. “I’m wearing my boots still.”
“Uh huh.” 
“When I was sent out here for work release, I read those terms and conditions, and it didn’t say a thing about wearing clothes.” Leroy puts his hands on his hips.
Wallace wipes his forehead with his bandana. “It does say you need to wear appropriate clothes for the job.”
“Job’s done. Hay is all baled.”
“What? All of it?” Wallace glances at his watch. “How.”
“We lightened the clothes, and lightened the work load!” Lenny says. The other men behind the bales laugh with him.
“Man I pity the judge who had to handle you in court,” Wallace mutters.
That makes Leroy grin. 

“So what do you say Sir, have I earned some time in the swimming hole? I really want to go swimming, we all do. Please please please.”
Wallace’s eyes are stuck on Leroy’s toned, sun kissed body, marked with tan lines and bits of hay stuck to his work-honed muscles. “Jesus,” he mutters. He’s seen him shirtless, but full frontal is a lot to take in. Wallace shakes his head and turns his attention to the bales. He walks around in big circles and glances around the field. “Well fuck me, it has all been baled.” 
“Leroy came up with a more efficient way to do it. Got em on the truck in no time,” Jose explains as he comes around a large bale.
“Well isn’t that something. I’ll want the details later.” Wallace looks at Leroy – his face this time. “You couldn’t use those brain cells to avoid getting into trouble with the law in the first place?”
Leroy snickers. “Oh I knew I was going to get into trouble. Just didn’t care.”
That makes the work party laugh again.
“Man, Wallace, I hope you keep this one. He’s a riot!” Jose says.

Wallace wants a beer and badly. “God help all y’all. Alright, clean up the equipment, and you can get a swim in before the dinner bell.”
The men whoop and holler.
Leroy licks his lips. “You’re welcome to join us, Sir. We’ll uh, be skinny dipping.” He winks. 
“I don’t need to see everyone naked.”
“Shame. I’d like to see you naked though.” Leroy blows him a kiss and walks off to find his clothes.

Wallace’s eyebrows shoot up into his cowboy hat. A swim did sound ideal…seeing water sluice off that man’s body also sounds ideal. Wallace crosses himself. “Lord Jesus help me not give into temptation,” he mutters under his breath. The words didn’t feel like they were going to do much to protect him. His cock is straining against the denim of his jeans.

Captions are fictional.


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