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Tommy checked his neck. No hickey evident. Or at least, it wouldn’t show up for a while. He washed his mouth out in the sink and splashed water over his face. He had go take another client named Mr. Montoya in an hour, and then after that he had his weekly fuck with the Luke the Lacrosse Jock who was a year above in college.
Since Tommy was driving, he decided he could get away with not changing before he went over to Mr. Montoya’s house – not like he had the time to change anyway, and he had a feeling the torn jeans would get Mr. Montoya excited. He liked the narrative of Tommy being a horny university co-ed flitting around the neighborhood and college campus with the energy of a hummingbird seeking a different kind of nectar. 

Tommy dried his face. He liked these jeans, but had a feeling they couldn’t be saved. Maybe Luke had an extra pair. They were almost the same height, and Luke had been getting bulked up lately and his thighs were getting solid. No way denim could contain those tree trunks. Tommy decided not to stress about his pants. The pocket was still intact, and it held the cash he earned just the same. He applied some moisturizer he found on the counter to his face and left the bathroom. 

Mr. Royce met him in the hallway. “Cleaned up?”
“Yes sir.”
“Sorry again against your jeans. Little embarrassed about that. You turn me into an animal. Which at my age, is not that frequent.”
Tommy grinned. “I enjoy your enthusiasm. Makes me feel sexy.”
Mr. Royce cupped Tommy’s exposed buttcheck. “You are sexy. It’s so effortless though, it drives me crazy how you don’t have to try.”
“Oh I definitely try in bed though. You get out what you put in, in my opinion. What’s the law – for every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction?”
Mr. Royce laughed. “Well that’s not the normal way my students retain and apply the knowledge I give them, but hey, you’re retaining it. So I’m pleased to hear that.”

Tommy beamed under the praise. “Well how could I not pay attention? My physics teacher is a stud who has a great cock. But with all that talk of mass and thrust and friction, I think you’re just unaware how horny physics is.”
Mr. Royce laughed harder “God you’re too much. You’re making my stomach hurt.”
“Sorry, sorry. Just really absorbing my lessons you know?” Tommy said. 
“You’re absorbing something, that’s for sure.”
“For sure. I’ll get going though, stop driving you nuts. I’ll see you in class on Tuesday?”
“Sure thing. There’s gonna be a pop quiz by the way, but I think you’ve studied enough.”
Tommy shook his butt a little. “I’ll put this in a chair and hit the books anyway. Teacher would be so disappointed in me if I failed his class.”
“You didn’t agree to sleep with me just to pass?”
Tommy scoffed. “No. I want to pass on my own merit. I want to be a modern twink – dumb face, big ass, smart brain.”

Mr. Royce covered his face with his hand as his chest heaved with amusement. “Oh god, I can’t stop laughing. You have to go, my eyes are watering. Go on, I want to see walk to your car with your pants torn like that. Go on you trouble maker, go.”

Tommy put his bag on his shoulder and giggled as he was playfully pushed out the door. “Alright, alright. Bye Mr. Royce! See you Tuesday! Thanks for the tutoring!”

Captions are fictional.


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