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“Meow to you too. Aw look at her loafing. She’s so cute.” Sam blew her a kiss.
I giggle. “Man you look at scary and tough, but you turn into a giant mush when she’s around, don’t you?”
“Yeah man. I love her. I was so upset when she got out, thinking I’d never see her again. Still mad at the Comcast guy.”
”Did you adopt her?”
”I found Oreo outside my dorm in college, on a cold night. We snuck her in, and everyone pitched together to hide her and heal her. I even took her to class. She’s my baby.”
I smile. “I’m so happy I could bring her back to you. She was just mewing up a storm outside my porch door in the rain, all pitiful and wet.”
“Looks like she learned her lesson about being outside.” Sam says. “I feel happy I could reward you appropriately.”
I stretch. “I feel very rewarded. Actually, I’m thinking of taking Oreo with me if it means I can get sex like that again.”
Sam laughs. “Don’t you use my cat as blackmail. You can’t use a pussy to get dick.”
That makes me laugh harder. “You got a point. Could I catsit at least sometime?”
“I would be ok with that.”
I nod, pleased. I consider Sam from my spot on the sofa. He’s not even wearing moisturizer but his skin is glowing, his muscles bulging and firm. “Can I be shameless and ask you to take your towel off?”
Sam looks smug. With one hand motion he drops it.
I groan and pick up Oreo with both hands and hold her in front of my face. “Do you understand how hot your daddy is? Do you?

Captions are fictional.


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